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ÜRÜN KODU: 12215 UB R Bollards


> Dimensions (ØxH): 80x 300 mm
> Weight: 0,720 Kg
> Material Type: TPU-PU
> Aseembly Material: Trifon Screw and Plastic Dowel

Product features

  • Body and reflective tapes with TS EN 13422 + A1 standard
  • Flexible, unbreakable TPU body and gusseted foot
  • Zero damage at the moment of impact thanks to the bent and straightened bellows foot
  • High performance reflective tapes
  • Robustness and warning performance compatible with road conditions
  • Lamp / board can be attached with extra adapter socket
  • More effective warning with lamp and board mounting feature
  • Application to the floor with 18xU90xØ 10 mm screw dowel
  • Bright appearance and long-lasting color resistance with UV additive special color mixture temperature resistance between -20 ° C / + 60 * C
  • Wide range of use: roads, urban roads, lane separation, all kinds of areas to create working maintenance-repair areas

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