About us

T34 Engineering Industry and Trade Inc.

T34 Engineering Industry and Trade Inc. is an engineering company established in 2016 to produce traffic and road safety materials with 20 years of work experience, experience gained from sales and applications.

Fields Of Activity

Plate Carrier Constructions Cursor and Application

Manufacture and application of Aluminum Information Plates

Manufacture and application of Traffic Signs and Poles

Road Safety Products

Service Network

Domestic and international, Experienced service


Opportunity to have quality service in a calculated way

24/7 Support

24/7 support service for our services


More solutions to traffic problems and education is to produce with high technology in the geography and to have a say in the domestic and international markets.


To be a company with high quality and high brand awareness in the field of Traffic Road Safety, to produce the product needs related to Traffic and Road Safety in a fast and high quality way.

T34 Engineering Industry and Trade Inc.

Road safety equipment

Fields of Activity

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  • T Type Construction (Box and Pipe Type)
  • L Type Construction (Box and Pipe Type)
  • U Type Construction (Box and Pipe Type)
  • Pre-Junction Construction (Box and Pipe Type)
  • Special Construction Manufacturing
  • Solar Traffic Signs
  • Solar Flashers
  • Solar Road Buttons
  • Solar-Energed Construction Maintenance Repair Sheets
  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Traffic Warning Signs
  • Information Marks
  • Construction Maintenance Repair Signs
  • Panels
  • Omega Plate Pole
  • pipe type plate mask
  • Aluminum Lambri Sheets
  • Telescopic Aluminum Mast
  • Drillers
  • Props
  • Barriers and Barricades
  • Speed and Cable Protector Ramps
  • PVC Traffic Cones
  • Boarded Cones and Advertising Pontoons
  • Road Buttons
  • Parking Equipment and Pedestrian Road Regulators
  • Traffic Safety Mirrors
  • Led Electric Sheets
  • Reflective Tapes and Ground Markings
  • Plastic Traffic Signs
  • Accessories