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11920 SL K

Product ID: 11920 SL K

Product specifications;

> Size (UxGxY): 125 x 145 x 28 mm
> Weight: 0,45 Kg
> Material: AL
> bidirectional: 3+3 LED
> Assembly: :Triphone Screw and Plastic Dubel

  • Impact-resistant sturdy body
  • Plastic body and impact absorbing buffer zones
  • Warning in two directions with LED solar power flasher
  • > 2 different color options in yellow and red
  • Smooth vehicle migration with optimum height
  • Shock-resistant robustness
  • with a dubel and mounted on a smooth and clean floor
  • Util temperature -20°C/+60°C
  • Protection Class IP65
  • Use of area: lane marking and blind spots (reflux head, bansk, sidewalk areas, etc.), in car parks, pedestrian areas, streets, streets, city and highways for lighting purposes


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