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12423 DB R A Ultra Plate Barges

Product Code: 12423 DB R A

Product features

Dimensions (LxWxH): 495 x 395 x 905 mm
> Weight: 7.00 Kg
> Material (body-base): PPC-PVC
> Reflective: ASTM D 4956-11a TYPE 1

  • Easy to carry practical body
  • Hand grip slots
  • Chain pass channel on side surfaces
  • Strong resistance to tipping with a weighted base
  • Different board applications and optional application choices
  • High performance reflective surface
  • Fluted, lamp/board insertion slot
  • More effective warning with lamp and plate mounting feature
  • Temperature resistance between -20 ° C / + 60 ° C
  • Wide range of use: warning and work areas on roads,
    In car parks and all kinds of areas requiring work safety

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