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Omega Plate Pole

Place and Purpose of Use:

These are the poles that allow the mounting of signs such as standard traffic signs, information signs smaller than 1 square meter, village name traffic signboards outside the road covering. They are generally manufactured in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thickness. Their length varies according to the size of the traffic sign to be connected.


> It has a long life because it is galvanized.
> It does not allow the board to rotate around its axis due to its shape.
> Since it has ready holes on it, the desired adjustment can be made.
> The traffic sign board is easy to attach to the pole.
> Its scrap value is low.
> Two boards can be connected on the same pole.

Product Codes and Dimensions:

OD-01: 3mm – Omega Pole – 2.5m length
OD-02: 3mm – Omega Pole – 3m length
OD-03: 4mm – Omega Pole – 2.5m length
OD-04: 4mm – Omega Pole – 3m length
OD-05: 5mm – Omega Pole – 2.5m length
OD-06: 5mm – Omega Pole – 3m length


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